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1. Non-exclusive use: Airchive has a non-exclusive license to utilize uploaded photos on its website, in social media posts, and in native advertising or collateral.
2. Attribution: photos will have be attributed to the owner in a visible way both in the website and in any other form (social posts, etc). For example, American Airlines | Timetable, 1935 | Chris Sloan Collection
3. No distribution: uploaded photos cannot be distributed, re-licensed, sold, given away, or sub-licensed to anyone else for any reason. For example, they can't be given to the BBC for an article or sold to a digital collector. Only exception would be if you sub-license the photos to an agency for the sole purposes of handling your social media, or fixing up the website, or creating a banner for a collectible show, etc (the license would expire at the end of the job).

Your contribution is appreciated.