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Boeing Marketing 747 Assembly Line 1974

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Image Courtesy: Tom Harris and La Jetée Press
La Jetée Press publishes deep dives into the most fascinating moments of aviation history, paired with photography and art that transcends the page. The inaugural publication, “Fighting to be Heard: How the British Aerospace 146 Started the Regional Jet Revolution” by Brian Wiklem presents the definitive history of the British Aerospace 146, a short-haul regional airliner manufactured by the U.K.-based company from 1983 until 2002. Fighting to Be Heard tells the intimate behind-the-scenes story of the unlikely 4-engine jet that perhaps should have never been built at all and the airlines it touched. Wiklem’s passion for the subject is unmatched, making this book, which features over 700 images on over 500 pages, a must-have for any commercial aviation enthusiast. The next title is “Titanium Icarus: The Hope and Hubris of the American Supersonic Transport Program” by La Jetée three founders Tom J. Harris and J. P. Santiago with art by Gaël Elegoët. Titanium Icarus investigates the friction between the legendary SST program embarked on by the United States government and the emerging environmental movements of the 1960s and 70s, showcasing the end of the American modernist era and the beginning of a grassroots movement that questioned new technologies for the first time. Hundreds of never-before-published photos and the artwork of Gaël Elegoët bring to life an aircraft that never took to the skies.
This is followed by “Wings Over Santa Monica: A Pictorial History of Douglas Aircraft Production at Santa Monica Airport” by Geoffrey Thomas. La Jetée is thrilled to publish award-winning aviation writer and commentator Geoffrey Thomas’s latest work, Wings Over Santa Monica. Thomas explores the fascinating history of the Santa Monica Airport, once the center of the aviation universe as the headquarters of Douglas Aircraft Co. When Donald Douglas moved from a rented room in an L.A. barbershop to an abandoned movie studio in the coastal California city of Santa Monica in 1922, he began a decades-long journey of military and commercial aircraft innovation. Thomas navigates the rise of this pioneering aviation company, which at its height flew 90% of the world’s air traffic. The book features rare, never-before-seen photos from Douglas’s personal collection and exclusive interviews. This is the first book in The Concrete Ribbons of Destiny series, which examines small airports that made huge contributions to aviation, including Convair’s Lindbergh Field and Boeing’s Renton facility.
The aviation ephemera amassed by La Jetée Press is compelling and breathtaking in its scope. As three AV-geeks we are excited to share this amazing collection with our readers.
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